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The missed bus trip

Trip distance: 13.35km Earnings:666 LKR It was a weekday and I had taken the day off as I had to attend to some personal matter in the early afternoon and had to run some errands in the morning. I decided to take a few rides in between. This was the second passenger for the day. I looked at the distance I had to drive to pick the person up. It showed slightly over 1km. "This better be good," I told my self. As I approached the pick up location, I realised that it is a pretty narrow alleyway that I can't stay parked for long. I called the passenger. "Good morning, I am your Uber driver." "Ah, good morning, you are here?" it was a female who answered. "Yes Madam" "Ah ok I will comedown in a few minutes, can you go forward and park? There may not be much space" "Sure Madam," I replied. At least this was a sensible customer. I waited for a few mins to pick up. It was already few minutes on the waiting charges w

Can I use your bluetooth?

Trip distance:8.80km  Earnings:405 LKR Customer location indicated that they were at a diner. The time was around 2.30 PM and this was a weekday. I automatically thought that this should be some kids after their school. As I suspected, three teenagers got in to the car. I checked their destination, it was about 30 mins. I reconfirmed the location as I usually do with the passengers and started driving off. I could hear their idle chit chat at the back. And then a few loud whispers. The catch of being in a small hybrid hatchback is that almost all whispers are loud.