Can I use your bluetooth?

Trip distance:8.80km  Earnings:405 LKR

Customer location indicated that they were at a diner. The time was around 2.30 PM and this was a weekday. I automatically thought that this should be some kids after their school.

As I suspected, three teenagers got in to the car. I checked their destination, it was about 30 mins. I reconfirmed the location as I usually do with the passengers and started driving off. I could hear their idle chit chat at the back. And then a few loud whispers. The catch of being in a small hybrid hatchback is that almost all whispers are loud.

"Do you think we should ask him?"
"Don't. He'll think we are crazy."
"It is crazy."
"But it's just songs!"

I tried to see what is going on with my rear view mirror. The girl sitting in the middle suddenly straightened up.

"Hey can we use your bluetooth?"
"The bluetooth?"
"Yeah, you know, to stream our music?"

I could see one of the girls facepalming and looking away embarrassed. I couldn't see what the other one was doing, but I was willing to bet that day's earnings that she did the same.

I couldn't help but smile. "Sure madam. Let me park for a moment."

After about two minutes of trying, we managed to connect her phone to my car's speaker system. The rest of the ride which was supposed to be 20mins or less, took around 30mins. Dua Lipa was featuring quite high on the list.

I don't know what was most entertaining in that entire trip, some teenagers feeling bold enough to ask their Uber driver if they can hook their phone up with the car, me learning the latest hip hop songs from them or, the backseat girls yelling "Turn left! turn left!" instead of the usual Google akka.


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